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Meet Backswath's Newest Team Member!

Backswath Management Inc is pleased to announce that Scott Kemp has joined the team as a Senior Consultant and Health & Wellness Specialist.

Scott will be helping Backswath's partners develop their strategic goals. Scott brings with him a wealth of experience in the areas of strategic planning and alignment, capacity building, communication, and performance management. Scott offers a unique perspective of seeing the big picture, while at the same time being grounded in the day-to-day realities of the customer and their clients. Scott's ability to distill complex information into easy to understand messages is central to his style and approach.

Scott joins Backswath having spent 10 years working as an internal consultant within Manitoba Infrastructure helping teams find simple solutions to complex problems. Scott is also the founder of Agile Health, a workplace health and wellness agency that has helped organizations improve the physical and mental health of their employees.

With the addition of Scott, Backswath can now offer clients health and wellness solutions for their businesses, their employees and their families.

Scott grew up on farm in southwestern Manitoba, and now lives in Winnipeg. Scott is very involved in the fitness community in Winnipeg and is an avid triathlete, triathlon coach, and spin instructor. He also volunteers his time with the United Way's Impact Councils, but above all enjoys coaching and spending time with his wife, Mary Ann, and his three young children – Evan, Helena, and Drew.

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